The Children’s Theatre of Livingston was formed to bring theater to Livingston students in grades 2-8. It is a proud member of the Livingston Arts Council and Healthy Community Healthy Youth Initiative of Livingston, the Arts Council of Livingston and is supported by the Livingston Town Council and the Livingston Board of Education.  Our goal is to bring opportunities to the youth in town to experience all levels of theater in a workshop setting.


Introducing Livingston youth to enriching theatrical experiences by providing a fun forum to develop talents in all aspects of theatre.

Children’s Theatre was formed in 2006 by a dynamic group of individuals committed to children and theatrical arts.  The group’s mission is:

1) To provide a performance vehicle for the youth of the Livingston community, grades two to eight, providing a forum to learn and/or strengthen their theatre skills including, but not limited to: song, movement, acting, lighting, stage management, costumes and properties.

2) To inspire children and provide hands on learning experiences nurturing their creative ability to use gesture and voice projection, while developing poise and self confidence, both on and off the stage.  The children will learn to respect fellow actors and develop cooperative skills through participation and, most of all, having fun learning about all aspects of the theatre.  A healthy environment amongst their peers will help all to learn and respect others.